Swimming Pool Byron Bay

Let Evoke Pools Install Your Swimming Pool in Byron Bay

Are you thinking about installing a swimming pool on your Byron Bay property? Turn to the trusted professionals at Evoke Pools for all your pool needs. From initial design to final installation, we work with you throughout every step to ensure your satisfaction.

The Benefits of Byron Bay Swimming Pool Installations

Installing a pool brings with it several advantages. Here are a few examples.

  • Increase kerb appeal: Is there a possibility that you may sell your house in the future? Putting a pool in your backyard not only becomes a source of enjoyment for you and your family while you are still living in the house but also a fantastic way to add appeal to the property when it comes time to sell.
  • Stress reliever: Did you have a stressful day at the office? Do you need time away from the chaos that you’ve faced during the day? Coming home and jumping into a pool is an ideal way to unwind for the rest of the night. Whether you enjoy a peaceful night by yourself or with your family, swimming in a pool is sure to enhance your relaxation.
  • Great for workouts: If you can’t make it to the gym, going for a swim is an excellent alternative. A few laps back and forth provide a fantastic full-body workout.

Our Byron Bay swimming pool range

We stock a wide variety of pools in many different shapes, sizes and configurations. Some of our leading options include:

Classic pools: Designed for large families who love to entertain, the Classic pool creates the perfect outdoor space. Elegant and simple, the design will enhance the look of your home and surroundings. Grand entry steps and a lounging area provide a safe and relaxing zone for children.

Heritage pools: Whether you have a large or small backyard, the Heritage swimming pool will fit just right, regardless of the space available.

Serenity pools: Style and distinction are the hallmarks of the Serenity. With three entry points, a modern cake step area, and two separate lounging areas, this design is cutting edge and innovative.

Entertainer pools: This sleek rectangular pool fits seamlessly into any modern backyard. A dual entry pool and ledges to relax makes it a great weekend getaway area for friends and family.

Avanti pools: When space in your outdoor living area is at a premium, but you still desire a functional and beautiful fibreglass swimming pool to ease the pressure of summer days, the Avanti makes a perfect choice for your compact patio area or backyard.

Nirvana pools: Poolside luxury and relaxation are the defining characteristics of Nirvana. It provides a retreat from the stresses of modern life with a resort-style splash deck, a deep swimming area, and contemporary lines.

Davinci pools: If you are working with minimal space, this stunning courtyard pool will suit your needs perfectly. In addition to the wide steps at the shallow end, the pool has a full-width spa bench at the deep end, which provides easy access and generous seating.

Lap pools: A lap pool is characterized by its uniquely long and narrow shape; a shape well suited to swimming laps as opposed to a conventional swimming pool.

Spas: We have a wide variety of Australian-made spas and swim spas on display, so you will have the chance to choose the spa or swim spa that fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Swimming pool installation process

We make the process simple and easy with minimal disruptions to your home and daily activities. The basic swimming pool installation process will involve:

  • One of our courteous dealers will go to the site to determine the pool’s positioning, accessibility, and requirements.
  • The pool is measured and squared up in relation to nearby houses or other structures.
  • This is followed by digging a pool hole and removing the excavated material. A screed is then laid to establish the height of the base for the placement of the pool.
  • A crane lowers the pool into position. Prior to leaving the site, the crane measures and squares up the final sitting position of the pool. Levels are also checked at this point.
  • The pipes, filters, and lights are all connected, and the water is backfilled.
  • Following the preparation and pouring of the bond beam/slab, pavers and tiles are installed to finish off the pool.

Why choose a fibreglass swimming pool?

It is easier to clean and maintain fibreglass pools. Fibreglass has a smooth surface, making it easier to control algae and bacteria than the rough surfaces found in concrete pools, plus fewer chemicals are needed to kill bacteria.

Key Questions to Ask Evoke Pools about Masterbuilt Pools in Byron Bay

Our fibreglass pool builders in Byron Bay are well-versed in the vital information that you should know about pool choices. Common questions that we usually field include the following.

  • “How long will it take to install?”: The installation process for a fibreglass pool is typically between three and four weeks. Professionals spend most of this time securing proper approval from the local council. We strive to complete the construction and installation aspect of your project within one week following approval.
  • “Do I need a fence around my pool?”: You will require a fence around your pool under NSW Pool Fencing Legislation. Once professionals have installed the fence, a member of your local council will need to inspect the barrier to ensure that it adheres to the legislation. Our team is experienced with these mandates, so you never need to worry about an improper fencing issue.
  • “Are there benefits to heating my pool?”: Heating your pool is a matter of personal preference. When you warm your pool, you never have to worry about hopping into cold water—however, a heater will make your pool more expensive to operate. If you do decide to add a heater, we can walk you through your options for heating systems.

Why Trust Evoke Pools As Swimming Pool Builders in Byron Bay?

The Evoke Pools team understands the hours of fun and relaxation that a pool can provide for your family. We take pride in supplying you with excellent customer service and promptly attending to your questions and concerns. To secure a quote, reach out through our contact page.