Fibreglass Pool Range Ballina

Here at Evoke Pools in Northern Rivers, we are proud to be partners with both Masterbuilt Pools and Tranquility Pools. These high-quality brands offer a variety of fibreglass pools, so read on to find out more about each of these pool manufacturers.

Sally and Dean from the Evoke team are more than happy to work through what type of pool will suit your home and lifestyle so that you can relax in your surrounds in style.

Explore Our Fibreglass Pool Range

Masterbuilt Pools

Masterbuilt pools are designed and built around the three core aspects of the company’s ethos: style, safety and elegance. A 100% Australian owned business with over 30 years in the swimming pool industry, with a Masterbuilt pool, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a high-quality product.

All of Masterbuilt Pools’ products, ranging from small and simple plunge pools to more modern and organic designs, are built offsite and transported to your property in a specially designed truck. For anything from a lap pool to a paddling pool, Masterbuilt Pools has 34 great options for you to choose from, installed in conjunction with Evoke Pools.

Tranquility Pools

Tranquility Pools and Landscapes has been building fibreglass pools for over 25 years and works in conjunction with Evoke Pools in order to ensure that every pool is built and installed to the highest of safety standards in Australia. From plunge pools to lap pools, Tranquility Pools offers pools of all shapes and sizes to perfectly suit the design of your property.

Whether you’re looking for a pool to boost your personal fitness or a place to cool down on a scorching hot day on the coast, Tranquility Pools even has some spa options for customers across the Northern Rivers.

Our Pool Range

Our pool range has been carefully chosen to provide our customers with pools that offer high performance, exceptional durability and stunning good looks. As an award-winning company that has more than 40 years of combined experience in creating beautiful pools, we have a good understanding of what’s going to work best when it comes to meeting your pool needs.

The preferred material for an Evoke pool is fibreglass. Economical, extremely durable, smooth and low-maintenance, a fibreglass pool can be customised into a wide range of different configurations.

We provide pools that are suitable for both commercial and residential use. One of the major advantages of using fibreglass is that the pool can be made to your specifications. Whether you want to vary the depth, install a pool that has a unique shape, or wish to include features such as a tanning shelf, a waterfall or a slide, we can design and supply it.

Types of Pools We Offer

Evoke Pools can supply and install almost any pool configuration. We create custom pools as well as supply a range of standard pool shapes and designs. If you want a special type of pool, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Some of the pool options that we can provide include:

  • Pools with a slope for easy disabled access.
  • Plunge pools – small swimming pools that are also known as dipping pools. These are great for performing water-based exercises and/or relaxation).
  • Lap pools – these are long, narrow pools specifically designed for swimmers who want to swim laps.
  • Square spa pools – a smaller pool that’s heated and may include water jets.
  • Rectangular pools – a traditionally shaped pool that’s ideal for all the family.
  • Kidney-shaped pools – perfect for relaxing, play and sunbathing, kidney-shaped pools have a laidback, luxury vibe.
  • Variable depth pools – if you want a shallow end and a deep end, we can provide them!
  • Sunbathing shelf – a shallow shelf that can be included in any pool that’s large enough.
  • Steps – you can decide whether you want steps into your pool and, if so, where you want them located.

Why Fibreglass?

The Evoke Pools team is committed to providing every customer with the very best pool for a competitive price. We opt for fibreglass pools because we find that these can be easily customised to suit customer requirements. Fibreglass is a fantastic material choice for pools. Some of the benefits it can bring include:

  • Excellent durability – A fibreglass pool will often last 50 years or more.
  • Smooth interior – Even with wear, fibreglass doesn’t develop sharp points or edges.
  • Low-maintenance – In most cases, if a fibreglass pool is correctly installed, it won’t require significant maintenance.
  • Discourages algae growth – Fibreglass is smooth, waterproof and provides an inhospitable habitat for organisms.
  • Suitable for salinated pools as well as freshwater options.
  • Can be installed above ground as well as sunken into the ground.
  • Comes with built-in features such as steps.
  • Fast installation means you save on labour costs.
  • Attractive to look at and provides a great swimming experience.

FAQs About Our Pool Range

Read on to find out more about our pool installation services and why you should choose Evoke Pools.

1. Which pool size is best for small backyards?

If you have a small backyard, a small plunge pool is ideal. These options are designed for relaxation and only take up a small footprint.

Which pool sizes are the most accessible?

If only adults will be using the pool, choosing a pool with greater average depth will maximise the swimming area. For kids or those with mobility issues, a shallow pool with steps or possibly a beach entry would be better.

3. What is your deepest pool?

The deepest option available from Masterbuilt Pools is the Classic pool, with a depth that gradually goes from 1.2m to 1.9m. Tranquility Pools also offer a similar depth.

4. Which pools have the most organic shape?

Masterbuilt’s pools tend to be designed with plenty of right angles and this angular design takes away from the organic nature of the pool. Tranquility’s pools have more curved and smooth designs, which is perfect if you’re hoping for a more organic finish.

5. What are the best pools for entertaining?

A shallow pool, like a DaVinci or a Lap Pool, offers plenty of space for guests to join you and a shallow enough depth to ensure all of your guests feel comfortable.