The process of deciding to get a pool can be both exciting and daunting. There is a lot to go through, and understanding what happens can help your decision.

1. Initial Contact & Site Inspection for the Pool

After you have made contact with us, we provide you with all the information you require and arrange a suitable time to look at your site with you and go through the different options.

Whilst it would be nice to have just one standard price list for each pool model the reality is that every site is different and therefore to be able to give you an accurate price to supply and install a particular pool we need to look at your yard.

Never sign a contract to purchase a swimming pool unless the pool builder has carried out a thorough site inspection first.

This will only lead to problems down the track and by this time it will be too late as you are locked in with a contract.

Important considerations when doing a site inspection are:

  • Is suitable access available and what size machinery is required to dig the pool
  • Can you fit the size pool in that you want
  • Is the yard flat or sloping & will there need to be any retaining walls
  • What is the best location and orientation for the pool
  • What size crane is required to lift the pool in, and
  • What would you like the quote to include (e.g. filtration options, fencing, landscaping etc)

2. Happy with your quote? Time to proceed

Once you are happy with the quote and would like to proceed we will arrange another suitable time to meet with you at your home to go over everything and then sign a contract.

We use the SPASA swimming pool contracts as these are specifically designed for the swimming pool industry. They are very detailed yet easy to understand.

Once you have signed a contract and paid a deposit we will then order your pool in the colour you have chosen to be manufactured and lodge either a CDC application or DA application into council.

After council approval has been obtained, we will then book your job into our schedule and you will be notified of this start date.

3. Pool Installation 

The pool installation is broken into the following stages:

A. Site Excavation

this usually takes 1 day sometimes a bit more for bigger pools. Once this is done, the floor is screeded ready to lift the pool into position.

B. Backfilling of Pool, Plumbing & Setting up Filtration

This stage usually takes two days. By the end, the pool should be full of water with stabilised backfill around it and the filtration system set up.

C. Concrete Beam Installation

The pool will have a minimum of 350mm x 150mm steel re-enforced concrete beam installed around it. It is also possible to extend this further to allow for additional tiling around the pool. This stage usually takes 1 day.

D. Installation of Pool Headers

This stage will take 1 to 2 days depending on the size of the pool. If there is additional tiling to be done, then this stage may take a few more days.

E. Pool Fence

In most situations, this is the final stage as the pool fence is being installed into the tiled area around the pool. On average the fence will take 1-2 days to install.

F. Pool Handover

The pool hand over is done once everything on contract has been completed.

During the handover the pool will be cleaned, the water tested and chemicals will be added to balance the water. The expert pool technician will then run through everything you need to know to be able to start using and maintaining your pool.

“Time to Swim and Have Fun!”