Swimming Pools Lismore

Swimming Pool Installation Lismore

Swimming pools in Lismore are an excellent addition to any garden. A pool provides an extra element of fun for a backyard barbecue or birthday party. With decades of experience, the professionals at Evoke Pools can provide you with not only a high-quality pool and also excellent customer service.

Our pool builders in Lismore strive to be your first choice when you are ready to install a pool. When you opt to work with us, you can always expect the following.

  • Fast turnaround time: Once you decide that you want a pool in your garden, we understand that you want the project to be completed as soon as possible. Our skilled swimming pool builders in Lismore can typically install your pool in between three and four weeks. A member of our team can provide you with a timeline—you’ll know exactly what to expect.
  • Structural warranty: We strive to provide you with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that your pool is built to last. Our Tranquility and Masterbuilt fibreglass pools come with a 25-year structural warranty. If anything goes awry with your pool during that time, please reach out to us immediately so that we can remedy the issue quickly.
  • Exceptional experience: Our company has extensive experience: we’ve installed over 1,000 pools throughout the area. We have the confidence to manage even challenging jobs while making sure that you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Working with Our Pool Builders in Lismore

The central goal for our swimming pool builders in Lismore and surrounds is to ensure your satisfaction before, during, and after we complete your project. To get more out of collaborating with our company, we recommend that you keep this advice in mind.

  • Communication is key: Our builders recognise that you likely have your own ideas regarding the layout and design of your pool. We encourage you to let us know your thoughts during the initial planning phase and throughout construction.
  • Think about the landscape: It’s important to remember that the layout around your pool will change during installation. Our team can provide you with guidance regarding your landscaping and fencing questions. We maintain connections with other companies in the area for landscaping services in case the job is beyond our team’s scope.
  • Be open to change: While we understand that you may have an idea about the shape and design of your pool, there might be property restrictions that prevent your dream layout from coming to fruition. Our fibreglass pools come in 60 different varieties, so we always recommend that you remain open to changing the design of your pool.

Fibreglass Pool Tranquility range lap pool in blue spice

About Evoke Pools

Evoke Pools offers a wide range of custom fibreglass pools in the Northern Rivers area. We will provide you with a fixed quote so that you’ll know what to expect from the very beginning–no surprise fees later. We are experienced pool builders offering a high-quality service.

The Evoke Pools team will provide you with exceptional pool construction. We take the time to listen to your questions and concerns and address them thoroughly. To speak to one of our pool builders, reach out to us through our contact page.

Top benefits of installing a swimming pool in Lismore

  1. Value
    Installing a swimming pool on your property can add significant value to your home. When you eventually decide to sell your home, the value the swimming pool will add to your home will far outweigh any installation costs.
  2. Health
    There are numerous health benefits associated with swimming. Swimming, for example, is great exercise and can help with weight management. Many people also find swimming relaxing, helping to lower stress levels.
  3. Social
    Whether you want to spend more quality time with your family or invite friends around more often, a pool helps to bring people together. From pool parties with friends to family games of water polo, a swimming pool can help to improve your social time and work/life balance.
  4. Education
    If you have young children, having a swimming pool will enable them to start swimming or receive swimming lessons from an early age. This will ensure they learn about water and swimming safety and can become strong and confident swimmers.

What type of pool is right for me?

There are multiple sizes and shapes of pools available, including Masterbuilt pools, tranquillity pools and plunge pools. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which pool is right for you, as it depends on numerous factors. Factors that influence which type of pool that is best suited to you include:

  • Your budget
  • The space you have available
  • The lengths you enjoy swimming

At Evoke Pools, a member of our professional team will be happy to explain the different types and styles of pools we offer to you in detail. We will ask you questions about your wishes and preferences and only suggest pool styles that we truly believe will meet your needs.

In addition to the size and shape of a pool, we can also install pools in Lismore in a variety of colours. From classic sapphire and lagoon blue to show-stopping crystal green and dark charcoal, no matter your colour preferences we will have the right colour for you.

Convenient swimming pool installation in Lismore

Our team handles installation projects from start to finish. From consulting with you about the size, shape and colour of the pool that you require to explaining your heating options, we ensure to handle every detail. We can install a wide range of heating options, including solar heating and variable speed pumps.

We work discreetly on your property and ensure to cause minimum disruption. Our team are friendly, professional and polite and will clean any mess caused during the installation project, ensuring you can enjoy your new pool in an aesthetic and clean environment as soon as possible.

Contact our team

If you would like a consultation about installing a pool on your property, get in touch with Evoke Pools. Our team would be happy to explain our services in more detail to you and learn about your dream pool installation.