Fibre Glass Pools Ballina

Evoke Pools Builds and Installs Fibre Glass Pools in Ballina

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Evoke Pools is ready to build and install fibre glass pools in Ballina. Swimming is a fantastic, low-impact exercise and, with your own pool, the whole family can benefit from it whenever they want. Beyond exercise, a pool can provide a great way to cool off and the centre point of your outdoor entertainment.

What You Should Know About Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installation in Ballina

Based on how much experience we have as swimming pool builders in Ballina, we are here to guide you through the entire process, from choosing the best pool option to the first time you try your new pool. We have installed over 1,000 pools, and when you come to us, you can always expect the following.

  • We know all the requirements that you need to follow to get council approval for your pool and can make sure that you meet them. One of the biggest requirements is a pool fence, a safety necessity which has prevented many accidental drownings.
  • The pool is not the only aspect that we can install. With our experience, we have provided landscaping and pool fences around many of our installed pools.
  • If you are unsure of what you want your pool or the landscaping around it to look like, check out our gallery.

Little-Known Facts About Fibreglass Pool Manufacturers in Ballina

Fibreglass pools offer several benefits over pools made from other materials. With our experience in the industry, we have partnered with two of the industry’s best fiberglass pool manufacturers: Tranquillity Pools and Masterbuilt Pools. Both these boutique manufacturers produce a small number of pools per year, which enables them to consistently offer high-quality products. A few of the benefits of a fibreglass pool include:

  • The installation process of a fibreglass pool is significantly faster than it is with other materials. Professionals can often install these pools in about one week. This fact is not only a time-saver but a cost-saver as well, because such pools will often require less labour than other pool types.
  • The smooth surface of a fibreglass pool makes it less abrasive to the skin than other materials such as concrete. While most pool scratches are minor, they can take away from your enjoyment of the pool and, combined with chlorine, they can become an irritation.
  • Those smooth walls are also a benefit for cleaning. Algae has a much harder time sticking to them, so you won’t have to worry about all the surface scrubbing that other pools often require.

Tips for Planning for Fibreglass Pools in Ballina

Because of how quickly we can install a fibreglass pool, it is vital to plan ahead so that you can enjoy your new swimming pool as soon as possible. All the pool shapes and sizes we install are available for your consideration—that’s the best place to start your planning process and find the right pool for your budget and your available space. From there, contact us, and we can survey the site, give you a quote, and get you in the pool.